About Us

Tirrihannah Company Limited was incorporated on the 4th May 1908 by a group of Planters and Industrialists. In the early 1950’s McLeod & Company Limited was taken over by the Bajoria family and presently Tirrihannah Company Limited is under the effective management control of Mr. Ghanshyam Das Kankani (Managing Director) since the 7th of November 2007.

The main business of the company is Tea Plantation and Tea Processing. The company has its garden at Terai region of West Bengal, District- Darjeeling. The main divisions of the garden are:

a. Tirrihannah Division – 574 acres
b. Jhabra Division           – 569 acres
c. Mohanlal Division        – 500 acres

Since the new management has taken over in 2007, there has been major extension programs by way of new plantation with special focus has been given to improve the Quality of teas with technological advancement.

Having its focus solely on Quality and Innovation, the garden has won several prestigious awards for its quality and niche in the market and is a renowned brand in the Tea Industry.

New machineries have been added to increase our manufacturing capacity with special focus on Quality upgradation to ensure compliance with all the stringent controls prescribed by the necessary authorities.

The factory has been completely remodeled with new infrastructure and new tools to reduce costs as we truly believe that mechanization and adaptability is the future of the Tea Industry.


Our Company’s focus is on long term and sustained improvement, particularly in the plantation operations bearing in mind our Company’s need to increase yields and productivity in the estate for which replanting is carried out at a faster pace over the years.

With sustained improvement in quality and yield, better value and prudent cost management, our Company continues to be optimistic of its long-term future with improved operational efficiency and with what appears a promising market scenario, the overall outlook for the current year looks to be positive.